Nile Equity Group, LLC provides value add investment opportunities for accredited investors in the commercial real estate market, specifically in the retail and multi-family arena. Our team performs extensive research to determine the best investment opportunities in our targeted emerging markets. With each market, we build teams of professional brokers, lenders, contractors and other key strategic partners required to succeed in each respective market. Our company negotiates and purchases top quality assets that generate both substantial income and equity growth, resulting in strong, measured returns for our investment group. We have bought and managed over $40million worth of real estate while facilitating the smooth acquisition and repayment over $20 million in financing.

Accredited investors are invited to join in these opportunities with the goal of achieving strong cash-on cash returns as well as growing our initial investment. Our projects are suitable for direct investment as well as investments through self directed IRAs or 401(k)s and other qualified tax-deferred funds. Properties are held in an LLC in which investors are part owners of. This mean investors ultimately benefit from the regular distributions from cashflow, the equity growth and the return of the principal investment.